Persian Warriors by Vishka Studio

What I Learned From Being an Assassin

While Playing “Assassin’s Creed“

How should we set up our work environment to emulate the fun we experience in gaming?

1-The Objective Should Always be Clear

  • Write them down
  • Read them over every day
  • Update them and make any changes you deem necessary — don’t let them get stale
  • Make them accessible — Print them and frame them or put them on your laptop background

2-Tasks Should be Challenging but Not Impossible

  • They are new or unfamiliar
  • You don’t possess the necessary skills to accomplish them
  • The time or resources needed to accomplish them have been underestimated
  • They have not been broken down adequately

3-Tasks Should be Enjoyable

  • Stop fearing tasks that seem daunting
  • Do it with others; friends, colleagues, mentors, experts, or family members
  • Make your environment enjoyable
  • Change your usual process or even the task itself
  • Become an expert

4-Tasks Should be Rewarding



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